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Why Fuel Surcharges are a Scam

Jan 18, 2017

Often called “fuel surcharges” or “fuel recovery fees,” these add-on fees which many companies charge on top of their initial service price may be considered deceptive and misleading in violation of state consumer protection laws and, in many cases, a breach of these companies’ service agreements.

The “fuel surcharges” or “fuel recovery fees” charged by many companies bear no relationship to the company’s actual or increased fuel costs.  Furthermore, these companies’ fuel costs are often already recovered through the price of service; meaning companies are collecting for their purported actual fuel costs twice.​

In many cases, we have found that companies keep their initial service rate or base rate low to appear more competitive in the marketplace, only to add on costly “fuel surcharges” and “fuel recovery fees” after the customers sign the original service agreement or contract.  As a result, these “fuel surcharges” and “fuel recovery fees” amount to nothing more than extra profit obtained in a deceptive manner.

The attorneys at McCallum Methvin and Terrell continue to pursue cases against companies who charge “fuel surcharges” and “fuel recovery fees.”  If you or your business have been charged a “fuel surcharge,” “fuel recovery fee,” or any other similarly named fee, please contact the attorneys at McCallum Methvin & Terrell today.