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Practice Areas

Class Actions & Complex Litigation

Class actions often challenge the largest and wealthiest corporations who will use their vast resources to fight meaningful change and recovery. The attorneys at Methvin Terrell have a proven track record of pursuing class actions and other complex litigation to a successful resolution including those involving employment and labor matters such as wage and compensation issues, consumer protection, unfair business practices, false advertising, antitrust, predatory lending, breach of contract, RICO violations, and securities violations. Methvin Terrell has the resources and expertise to successfully pursue these cases to, and through, trial.

Our firm has the technology and the people to manage the extensive research, analysis, depositions and expert testimony required to see complex litigation through to a successful end. For over 10 years, our firm has handled all types of complex corporate, commercial and business litigation suits, in addition to numerous successful class action lawsuits. With a robust record of regional and national firm referrals, Methvin Terrell is proud to have established numerous successful contingency partnerships.

Common class action or complex litigation suits include:

  • Small businesses charged excessive and unlawful fees for various services
  • Employees unfairly compensated or denied proper benefits
  • Consumers misled by companies related to product safety and efficacy
  • Borrowers targeted by predatory lending practices including excessive fees and interest rates
  • Consumers charged artificially inflated prices or affected by other anti-competitive conduct
  • Shareholders victimized by fraudulent corporate conduct related to securities transactions
  • Breach of contract or license agreements
  • Breach of implied or express warranties
  • Breach of oral agreements (“handshake deals”)
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) disputes
  • Partnership, LLC and joint venture dissolutions
  • Antitrust litigation and unfair competition claims
  • Tortious interference cases
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure violations
  • Legal, accounting and professional malpractice claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Insurance coverage and bad faith litigation