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Labor and Unemployment Law

Our attorneys are prepared to represent workers in wage and hour disputes, both individually and in class actions. If you feel you have a claim for unpaid overtime, illegal payroll deductions, or another violation of state or federal wage and hour regulations, you may contact us to arrange a free consultation with a lawyer experienced in wage and hour disputes.

Our attorneys have represented plant workers in a variety of industries. Examples of wage and hour or racketeering cases include employees at processing plants whose wages are depressed by the company’s use of illegal labor, employees who are required to spend 30 minutes every day dressing in a haz-mat suit before clocking-in to work with hazardous materials and employees incorrectly classified as exempt with claims for unpaid overtime. You can challenge your employer’s unfair labor practices. In most cases, if we take a case, the client pays no expenses or attorney fees unless we recover a settlement or verdict on behalf of the client. Our attorneys will handle employment cases, including those for unpaid overtime and illegal wage depression through the use of illegal labor.

Common forms of labor violations:

  • Refusing to pay you for overtime
  • Refusing to allow you to take required rest breaks
  • Requiring you to arrive early and set up before clocking in
  • Misclassifying you as “management” in order to avoid paying you overtime
  • Discrimination of any sort (race, religion, age, etc.)
  • Using illegal immigrant labor to avoid paying a fair wage to legal residents and US citizens

and many more …