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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

Aug 12, 2022

Exposed to Contaminated Drinking Water at Camp Lejeune Before 1987?

The drinking water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune was contaminated between 1953 and 1987, and the effects were devastating.  Many people are experiencing serious health complications, including cancer and other severe medical conditions. If you lived, worked, or served at Camp Lejeune before 1987, you may be entitled to compensation!

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Toxic Drinking Water at Camp Lejeune from 1953 to 1987

If you served, worked, or lived at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, N.C. between 1953 and 1987, you were exposed to contaminated drinking water and may be eligible for compensation.  For more information, please contact us at (877) 548-0483. Methvin Terrell will evaluate your potential legal claims free of charge.

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About the Case

Up to 1 million people were exposed to contaminated water and harmful chemicals at Camp Lejeune. On June 16, 2022, the Senate passed the Honor Our PACT Act to “improve health care and benefits for veterans exposed to toxic substances, and for other benefits.” This Bill allows those exposed to contaminated water for at least 30 days to sue and recover damages.

People who served, lived, or worked at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to drinking water containing toxic chemicals and high levels of carcinogens.  These harmful chemicals include: 

  • Vinyl chloride – a gas used to make polyvinyl chloride and plastic
  • Benzene – a chemical used in gasoline
  • Methylene chloride – a chemical solvent used to remove paint
  • Trichloroethylene – a metal cleaner

Health Problems Caused by Toxic Water Camp Lejeune

Doctors have linked the toxic chemicals in Camp Lejeune drinking water between 1953 and 1987 to numerous medical conditions, including cancer. Medical conditions linked to Camp Lejeune drinking water include:

Bladder Cancer

Kidney Cancer

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Liver Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer


Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Early onset Dementia

Parkinson’s Disease

Renal Toxicity

Multiple Myeloma

Aplastic Anemia

Neurobehavioral Effects


Female Infertility and Miscarriage

Fetal Death and Birth Defects

Hepatic Steatosis

Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Renal Failure

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

If you or your loved ones have been adversely affected by the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, please contact us today.

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