Vision Solar Customers Have Rights!

Vision Solar is facing intense scrutiny for failing to deliver and properly install solar panels. They are also answering claims about misleading sales tactics. Some Florida homeowners who hoped to save money and help the environment may have claims against Vision Solar. 

Have you:

  • Paid a deposit to schedule a solar installation that was never completed?
  • Observed predatory sales tactics?
  • Been invoiced for a lease agreement for solar panels that were never installed?
  • Dealt with installation problems and poor service for installed panels?
  • Received inaccurate information about federal tax credits?
  • Received inaccurate information about savings on your power bill?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, YOU COULD HAVE A CLAIM! Call Methvin Terrell Attorneys at (888) 470-3912 for a free consultation.

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Numerous Consumer Complaints Raise Concerns About Vision Solar

Consumer complaints have raised serious concerns about Vision Solar and the quality of their work. The office of the Connecticut Attorney General issued a press release on March 16, 2023, announcing a suit against Vision Solar after the office received numerous complaints regarding predatory high-pressure sales tactics, misrepresentations about financing and tax credits, and unpermitted work that left homeowners saddled with nonfunctioning systems and unaffordable loans. 

The company has received numerous complaints over the last several years with the Better Business Bureau.

According to pending court cases, Vision Solar has:

  • Missed installation dates
  • Knowingly misrepresented eligibility for federal tax credits
  • Engaged in aggressive and misleading sales practices
  • Targeted elderly customers
  • Used unlicensed electricians to install solar panels

Homeowners in the state of Florida are already filing suits for damages resulting from Vision Solar’s business practices. You are not too late! If you’ve signed a contract with Vision Solar to install solar panels on your home, you may have a claim! 

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